360° Of Exoprecise Resistance

The sphere of Exoprecise ® ℗ nanofibers surrounds the upper-body, balancing the forces of acceleration/resistance (yin-yang), improving the performance of your golf/ swing. Anchoring at the elbows, attaching securely to the body; when not in use, slide out your arms, wearing around the waist – easy access.

Golf Precise-57 Power Swing Trainer

Exoprecise ® ℗ Nanofibers

Three-Dimensional, elastin nanofibers; woven, microstructural layering. Our Exoprecise ® ℗ Nanofiber design produces the stretch of elastin, smoothness of the skin, the flexibility of fasciae, speed of the fast twitch fibers, the strength of muscles/collagen, push and pull forces of the ligaments/tendons, the stability of bones/joints, and balance of the spine.

Golf Precise-57 Power Swing Trainer
Golf Precise-57 Power Swing Trainer


Ultra-thin, lightweight, unobtrusive, wearing for long periods. Impervious to repetitive motion, reducing friction on the arms, chest, and back; Exoprecise nanofibers, dispersing the heat, eliminating skin irritation.

SILKY-SMOOTH: Golf Precise-57 Power Swing Trainer


Synchronously, expanding, contracting, reacting, and morphing to the body’s natural motion.

Anchoring the Exoprecise for upward movement, above the shoulders.


Ultra-high PSI tensile strength, and stretch-limit; resilient to breaking under tension, accommodating to the stresses, and strain of power-hitting biomechanics. Passing, rigorous testing under extreme conditions.


Durable, returning to the original shape, without permanent alteration.

Golf Precise-57 Power Swing Trainer

Resistance Slider

Delivering a simple solution, adjusting the size/resistance for extra-small, and extra-large players.

  • Increasing the size reduces the resistance, conversely decreasing the size increases the resistance.
  • Thread the left-over Exoprecise material through the Resistance Slider, securing and balancing the Golf Precise-57.
Golf Precise-57 Power Swing Trainer

Sizing Tip

Proper Exoprecise Resistance

Wearing for the first time, raise both elbows to the side, checking for proper Exoprecise resistance.

Increase the size:

  • Overwhelming resistance.
  • Force pulls the ROM1 Stabilizers up the arm.
  • Bunching of the Exoprecise material, near the Balance Sliders.

Reduce the size:

  • Underwhelming resistance.
  • ROM1 Axis Stabilizer is loose, flapping on the middle of your back.
Golf Precise-57 Power Swing Trainer


Unobtrusive, comfortable material, accommodating the full flexion and extension of the arms, anchoring the Exoprecise; throughout your golf swing.

  • Adjust the size for a snug fit.
  • Stretch, and slide the arms inside, inserting one arm for isolation exercises.
  • For best performance position on the skin, alternatively, wear around your sleeves.
  • Place directly above the elbows for maximum resistance, optional to place at the mid-bicep, reducing the force.
Golf Precise-57 Power Swing Trainer

Balance Sliders

Gliding the ROM1 Axis Stabilizers along the silky-smooth Exoprecise nanofibres, linking 360 degrees of unbroken force. Balancing the Golf Precise-57, after resizing; slide and align the ROM1 Axis Stabilizers to your hips.

Wearing, on the arms; slide and align, adjusting anterior, and posterior forces:

  • Slide to the inside of the bicep, increasing frontal forces.
  • Slide to the middle/outside of the bicep (recommended setting), balancing the forces.
Golf Precise-57 Power Swing Trainer


Clip-in around the torso and arms, securing the Exoprecise, aligning to your spine for balance, maximizing the performance of your Golf Precise-57.

Golf Precise-57 Power Swing Trainer

ROM2 Stabilizer

  • Anchoring the Exoprecise for upward movement, above the shoulders.
  • Adapting to torso height raise and lower the placement; in-between the waist, and belly-button.


Bridging the Exoprecise and ROM2 Axis Stabilizer.

Golf Precise-57 Power Swing Trainer


Proper sizing is critical to the best performance of your Golf Precise-57, visit our Quickstart page, or download the PDF below.

Learn more about Exoprecise, visit the official website