Golf Power Swing Trainer

Golf Precise-57 Power Swing Trainer



Our patented Exoprecise resistance technology does what no others can, increasing strength in power golf swing muscles; playing and practicing as usual. The primary muscles you strengthen using our power golf trainer are conscious muscles, for example, feeling resistance; raising and lowering your elbows for ten repetitions. Additionally, you benefit from a golf workout to stimulate and strengthen automatic deep-layer postural, core, acceleration and deceleration muscles. You’ll enjoy the extra distance, swing speed, and consistency during your next round of golf.

Golf Precise-57 Power Swing Trainer


Elevating Golf Fitness

Throughout the backswing, at the time your arms move away from the body, a pushing force expands our unrivaled power golf trainer to produce the ideal amount of resistance, stimulating and strengthening deep postural, lateral, oblique, intercostal, abdominal, and shoulder acceleration/deceleration muscles. Over the upcoming days and weeks, you’ll notice an elevation in golf fitness, flexibility, core posture; experiencing a workout in precise golf muscles, and better distance off the tee.

Golf Precise-57 Power Swing Trainer
Golf Precise-57 Power Swing Trainer

Energize Your Golf Body

Low Impact Golf Workout

In the process of staying down and through your golf shot, the arms progress forward from your body’s core/center, creating an external force, expanding our cutting-edge golf training aid; exerting precise resistance, once again strengthening automatic/deep-postural, core, and shoulder deceleration muscles. Effortlessly energizing your body, powering a low impact golf workout on the links; enjoying the advantages of better distance with your driver.

Best Golf Swing Aids

Strengthen Precise Golf follow Through Muscles

Amid your follow through clubhead speed and resistance continue interacting in a perfect sequence, applying forces to the left and right side of your body, at this time our groundbreaking golf resistance trainer expands and contracts, morphing to your swing; accommodating a full range of motion for proper extension on your finish. The process automatically strengthens precise golf follow through muscles; core, acceleration, and deceleration muscles. During the upcoming days/weeks, you’ll feel an increase in physical strength, critical to a powerful golf shot; enjoying the satisfaction of greater yardage using your driver, and hitting longer irons on the fairway.

Power Golf Posts

The globally patented technology powering our power golf swing trainer gives you the perfect amount of resistance, improving strength, shot accuracy, and triggering club head speed; swinging your clubs as usual. Our Golf Precise-57 is the only swing trainer of its kind....