Golf Precise-57 Power Swing Trainer


Our Golf Precise-57 revamps your swing using innovative Exoprecise resistance technology, sharpening swing plane consistency, strength, weight transfer/core mechanics, clubhead speed, extension through impact, follow through, muscle memory, tempo, and timing.

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Patented Exoprecise resistance technology strengthens power golf muscles, improves clubhead speed, consistency, and mechanics; the formula for the perfect power golf swing. All you have to do is wear our golfing power swing trainer, and play the course!

  • Comfortable enough to take 150 power golf swings at the practice range, and play 18 holes giving a full range of motion for any golf shot.
  • Strengthens muscles critical for a golf power swing and clubhead speed, while you play. Core muscles, including abdominals, obliques, laterals, and deep layer back muscles, and your shoulder; acceleration, deceleration muscles for clubhead speed, power, and swing plane consistency.
  • Our globally patented Exoprecise design is silky smooth, comfortable on the sensitive skin of your arms, chest, and back, morphing to your body, and golf swing mechanics; giving precise resistance on your backswing, releasing from resistance triggers acceleration on your downswing; improving power, and guiding you directly to the ball. Anytime you disconnect from your core our golf swing trainer gives resistance, again strengthening deceleration, and core power golf swing muscles on your follow through.
  • Strength, clubhead speed, and ball striking carry over, seeing an instant improvement on your scorecard; making our Golf Precise-57 the best golf swing trainer in the world!
  • Seamlessly integrate with your golf swing training. Use with any golf drill, and swing isolation exercises; removing either arm or increasing resistance.
  • Adjustable to fit youth, and plus size professional golfers; suitable for ages 12 years, and above.
  • Safe, durable, ultra-high PSI tensile strength, and elastic limit; passing rigorous, extension-contraction testing under extreme conditions, without permanent alteration.
  • Easy to follow quickstart guide, paper version included with delivery, and access to our website quickstart page.
  • Special limited time offer, free global shipping, tracking included.
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