Chipping Golf Swing Aid

Golf Chipping Swing Trainer

Putting, Chipping, Irons, Driving, Playing The Golf Course

Play golf your way, driving, chipping, and putting as usual, our power golf swing trainer works for all methods; playing your favourite golf course, practicing at the driving range, or on the putting green.

Golf Chipping Tips

By Golf Precise-57 Power Swing Trainer

  • Condense your golf swing mechanics in your golfing stance, reducing your margin for error.
  • Keep the ball in the center of your golf stance AKA staying in your legs.
  • Avoid golf ball watching, keeping your head down after ball striking.
  • Weight evenly distributed, on the inside balls of your feet.
  • Lean the golf club shaft slightly forward.
  • Minimize use of the wrists, and hands, focusing on golf swing rotation, using your core, staying through the golf chip shot.
  • Control the clubhead speed, and tempo of your backswing and downswing.
  • Confidence is critical for a dominant golfing short game, remove doubt with self-talk, allowing your subconscious mind to take over your golf chipping for example,”close your mind and open your eyes.”
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