Golf Workout, Home & Course

About The Video

  • Title: Golf Workout, Home & Course.
  • Length: 31 seconds.
  • Overview: One of our best features for the busy golfer, minimal time to practice, and play; dedicate 15 minutes to elevate your game at home, swinging your favorite club, igniting your golf body, strengthening and stabilizing deep-layer core muscles; activating the acceleration/deceleration muscles to boost clubhead speed. The result? Increasing distance, sharpening swing consistency/mechanics for the pro-tour golf shot.
  • Player: Clinton Balgera, Inventor; Exoprecise products.
  • Location: Wembley Golf Course.
  • Course: Tuart.
  • Hole: 12.
  • Par: 4.
  • Shot: Warm-up swings, driver.
  • Product: Golf Precise-57.
  • Product Category: Exoprecise golf swing trainer.
  • Product Model: ROM2.
Golf Workout
Golf Resistance Training, Golf Strength Program, Tuart