Eagle, Golf Shot Accuracy

About The Video

  • Title: Flap Your Wings.
  • Length: 17 seconds.
  • Overview: Training the deadly accurate golf shot, dominating the best courses in the world. Short iron, landing, and bouncing on the green, hitting the pin, sinking in the hole; eagle, flapping the wings.
  • Player: Clinton Balgera, Inventor; Exoprecise products.
  • Location: The Cut Golf Course, Dawesville, Western Australia.
  • Hole: 15.
  • Par: 5.
  • Shot: 8 iron.
  • Product: Golf Precise-57.
  • Product Category: Exoprecise golf swing trainer.
  • Product Model: ROM2.
  • Setup: Trailing arm isolation.
Accuracy, Short Iron, The Cut Golf Course, Trailing arm