Iron Tee-cision

About The Video

  • Title: Iron Pre Tee-cision.
  • Length: 37 seconds.
  • Overview: Our Golf Precise-57, in-action; on the golf course. Globally patented Exoprecise design improves, clubhead speed, distance, swing strength, and accuracy; producing muscle memory for PGA power, during course play.
  • Player: Clinton Balgera, Inventor; Exoprecise products.
  • Location: Wembley Golf Course.
  • Course: Old Course.
  • Hole: 2.
  • Par: 3.
  • Shot: Iron.
  • Exopower: Load ForceAccelerated Launch, and PowerConnect.
  • Product: Golf Precise-57.
  • Product Category: Exoprecise golf swing trainer.
  • Product Model: ROM2.
Accuracy, Exoprecise forces, Golf Power Training Aid, Long Iron, Old Course, Wembley Golf Course