Inventor’s Overview. Golf Swing Trainer

Golf  Video

Transcript Summary

  1. The Golf Precise-57 is the “first and only” golf swing trainer of its kind.
  2. Comfortable to wear for 18 holes, you don’t have to take it off, with the option to use as a “warm-up device,” power up at the driving range, or remove either arm, or reduce the size to increase resistance for golf swing isolation drills.
  3. When you take it off and play competitive golf, brain and muscle communication systems AKA “muscle memory;” comes into play.
  4. The Golf Precise-57 is motion based, whatever golf swing mechanics you prefer, it works for you; swinging uninhibited.
  5. Resistance and acceleration, correlates to the distance of your elbows from your torso; movement away from your body’s center, provides resistance on your backswing, strengthening power golf muscles.
  6. Releasing from resistance gives you a boost in club head speed on your downswing, improving contact accuracy.
  7. Working your “automatic,” and “power core golf muscles” located around your rib cage, and deep intrinsic back muscles; acceleration and deceleration muscles, such as your posterior deltoid.
  8. You’re hitting the golf ball longer, and straighter; with every swing you take.
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