Play Golf

All you have to do is wear it and swing!

Our patented golf swing trainer is a first of its kind, providing a low impact power workout, playing your favorite course; comfortable to wear for 18 holes, giving a full range of motion for any shot. Whether you’re practicing 150 power drives at the range, advancing your birdie conversions on the putting green, or sharpening your skills at home; you’ll feel stronger, faster, and more consistent, training a repeatable and proper golf swing.

Increase Golf Swing Speed And Ball Striking
Our power golf swing trainer guides you to the golf ball, improving your ball striking skills, hitting long, straight and accurate fairway iron shots.
Golf Training Aid For The Proper Address Position And Lower Your Handicap
Patented technology powering our golf power swing trainer is the first of its kind! Silky smooth, strong, expanding, and contracting to your golf swing.





Play golf your way

  • Enhance every club in your golf bag, our power trainer gives a full range of motion for any golf shot; powerful drives, approaching, chipping, and putting.
  • Exoprecise technology enhances human movement, therefore, you can train any golf drill, swinging unobstructed, seamlessly integrating with your current golf swing training program, method, and mechanics.
  • Reduce the size to increase resistance, dispensing with inconsistency; remove either arm to isolate backswing, and downswing mechanics.
  • Works for beginner and professional golfers; with the option to integrate overload training without jeopardizing speed, and mechanics.
Our golf teaching aid improves every golf club in your bag, working for all golf shots, and swing methods

Home Golf Swing Workout

One of our best features for the busy golfer, with limited time to practice, or play; allocate 7-12 minutes of home training and elevate your game. All you have to do is swing your club, no golf ball is needed, requiring minimal space to train.

Simply by swinging your favorite club, you’ll revamp your golf body, strengthening and stabilizing deep layer core muscles to raise power, sharpening swing consistency, and rotational mechanics; developing the acceleration, and deceleration muscles in your shoulders to boost clubhead speed. The result? A pro tour golf swing!

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